Welcome to Arkansas

Welcome to Arkansas

About the “Welcome to Arkansas” Cross-Selling and Hospitality Training Program

The “Welcome to Arkansas” cross-selling and guest service training program seeks to increase visitors’ satisfaction with an Arkansas vacation and improve customer service by arming frontline personnel with messages about their local community, region, and state. The project was created by members of the hospitality and tourism industry who attended statewide research meetings in mid 2008.

The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and the Arkansas Hospitality Association offer “First Impressions” guest service training classes for Arkansas businesses, communities, and organizations. This course takes participants to a new level in their understanding of what is needed to survive, thrive, and help push their communities/regions forward in this very competitive world. It is designed to give those who attend the confidence and skills to “WOW” visitors with a great and memorable guest service experience.

Chicot Memorial medical Center

This program is targeted toward frontline personnel, managers, and owners of attractions, lodging properties, dining establishments, Chambers of Commerce, Advertising and Promotion Commissions, Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus, Welcome Centers, and any other business or group that interacts with the traveling public. Communities encourage guests to spend more time and money in their areas and identify exemplary employees whose actions impact their
businesses’ bottom lines every day.

The “Welcome to Arkansas” program provides participating communities with supporting materials that can be given to local businesses such as restaurants, lodging facilities, and attractions. Communities are asked to recruit business participants, offer training sessions, distribute the supporting materials to those organizations, recognize outstanding employees, and procure local incentives.

Supporting materials include custom attraction cards, window cling stickers, a 23 page “First Impressions” workbook, lapel pins and course certificates, and “First Impressions” training that is taught in your community by one of our guest service trainers.

Program Objectives:

  1. Better inform industry personnel regarding local and state attractions.
  2. Improve customer service.
  3. Increase customers’ satisfaction levels with their Arkansas vacations.
  4. Gain a return visit and spread positive word of mouth marketing about our communities and state.

Free Program Support Materials:

  • “Welcome to Arkansas” lapel pins
  • Laminated area attraction cards
  • Access to Arkansas video content

Scott Sudduth is coordinating and implementing this program. If your community is interested in participating in this dynamic guest service program, have your local chamber of commerce, or convention and visitor’s bureau contact Scott Sudduth at scott(at)arhospitality.com or by phone at 501-376-2323.

Participating Communities

Scott Sudduth – Program Coordinator, “First Impressions” Instructor
“Welcome to Arkansas”
Arkansas Hospitality association

Kristine Puckett – Consultant, “First Impressions” Instructor
“Welcome to Arkansas”
Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism