Member Discount Programs

Membership Doesn’t Cost — It Pays!

AHA membership means you’re eligible for discounted and special services that will help to improve your business management and lower costs. Contact Jill Thiel by phone at 501-376-2323 or by e-mail to learn more and begin using the services we offer our members. Remember membership pays, especially if you take advantage of all of the services we provide!

There may also be other services offered by our associate members which are available only in your local area, but which are not endorsed because they are not offered statewide. To learn about these services, please attend your local area’s AHA chapter meeting or view our online Buyer’s Guide Directory here. (link to buyer’s guide)


BMI represents the public performance rights in millions of musical works created and owned by hundreds of thousands of songwriters, composers, and music publishers. BMI negotiates music license agreements and distributes the fees it generates as royalties to its affiliated writers and publishers when their songs are performed in public. AHA members can save up to 20% off their music licensing fees.


Through a partnership with North American LED & the National Restaurant Association, AHA members receive special pricing on LED lighting. Legislation passed in 2007 phases in energy efficient standards for lighting and phases out the traditional light bulb. To access discounts, visit: www.restaurant.org/Membership/Tools-Solutions/North-American-LED


Staples Business Advantage is the AHA’s preferred vendor for office supplies for their members. Discounts can average 30% on many items, with fast, free delivery on orders of $25 or more.


CMSText message marketing lends the personal touch by providing your customers timely information to the mode of communication that they constantly have by their side. The Super Target marketing will provide a strong reinforcement of your Customer’s loyalty and patronage. CMSText message marketing allows you to take advantage of the most cost effective marketing campaign while differentiating yourself from your competition. You will be creating a different atmosphere with your Customers by providing them “Value” with your timely marketing. Members of AHA receive a discount. Click here (cms-text-flyer-email.pdf) for more information.



Hertz Member Savings Program includes 10% discount on Hertz Daily Member Benefit Rates (certain car classes), 10% discount on Hertz Standard Daily, Weekend, Weekly and Monthly rates (all car classes) and 5% or greater discount on Hertz Leisure Daily, Weekend, Weekly, and Monthly rates (all car classes).

Hertz offers AHA members year-round discounts on your auto rentals for business or pleasure, in the United States or worldwide. Call Jill today to get your Hertz CDP# and usage instructions.



Fishbowl offers full-service marketing solutions for the restaurant industry. Their services include E-mail and Direct Mail-based communications, creative services data management, and several new and exciting services. AHA Members receive a 10% discount.

Fishbowl Marketing has proven for years that targeted marketing will generate more sales and increase guest frequency for restaurants but now through our new expanded partnership with Fishbowl and the National Restaurant Association your business has access to Fishbowl’s expanded suite of online solutions which are listed below in addition to their best-in-class email service:

Fishbowl Mobile provides an affordable text messaging solution for restaurant operators to communicate their special offers, events and more to their loyal customers.

Fishbowl Online Ordering, powered by orderTalk, provides restaurants an easy-to-launch and easy-to-use, Web-based online ordering system that requires no software or hardware installation. Orders are securely transmitted to the restaurant in real time.

Fishbowl Online Reservations, powered by Livebookings, provides a web-based solution giving restaurants the ability to take reservations directly from their Web site and access to millions of potential diners through Fishbowl’s growing and vast network.

Click here for more information.

If you have any questions regarding the above listed services or you would be interested in getting your company’s products and/or services endorsed by the AHA, please Contact Jill Thiel by phone at 501-376-2323 or by e-mail to learn more and begin using the services we offer our members. Remember membership pays, especially if you take advantage of all of the services we provide!